Monday, April 19, 2010

I have been thinking of the importance of family and lessons learned. Recently mine was attacked, for no reason accept to make someone else feel better about themselves and then is when I saw grace and dignity under fire, instead of reciprocation I watched my family deal with it using dignity and compassion. It may be the background of what they were taught as children it may be the fact that the genetic makeup of the Irish is a strong honourable lot. Still trying to gather me wits on that one, but I learned a lesson. I learned that I can not let someone else silence my voice or take my dignity. Maybe I should say a refresher course. But the way my family handled it gives me hope. And so I am back to tell my story. The support given to my family intensifies that, so I am back.


  1. Welcome back, gran, you are the picture of grace, personified.
    Luv you,
    Connie ;O)

  2. Very glad to have you back and writing again, Gran. Much love to you and your family.