Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This will not be in chronological order but more as memories when they blow through this brain of mine. One of my first memories was of a Shanachie (storyteller)who traveled around the county,they would come to the farms and tell stories of their travels for a nights bedding and a meal. I remember sitting in my Mam's lap listening to him tell fanciful tales or so I was thinking, what I realized later was that he was passing messages to the men about the uprising and the plans. Simple little things like telling someone about the amount of turf actually referred to soldier count. I didn't know Michael Collins was of any importance at that age, I just saw him as a nice man who ruffled the curls on my head.There we sat with green teeth from eating grass.No one wanted to be burned out of their farm.And if the English Lords thought families were keeping anything from them they would evict them or burn them out.There was a great deal of fear then although as a child I never realized it.

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