Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well it's another day, I am just going to speak of family, family are the people by blood or love are there for you. It is amazing to have this family. My husband God rest his sole,was the love of my life. He could make me laugh and cry in the same breath.Today would have been his birthday, he would have been 107. Tis difficult to think that neither my husband or my children are still alive. But let me talk about Sean. He was a gruff man to say the least, but ahh he had a soft spot for his children and grandchildren. And for me he was my best friend although there were times when I wasn't pleased with his ways, his blue eyes would twinkle and he would say Katie my darling who could love ya better. And he was right. I see so much of him in Liam and Finn. And darling Murphy has his sense of mischief. But tis Clodagh that has his ability to see things without emotion. Now don't be thinking Clodagh is hard but she has that ability to not think with her heart but just her head. My sons are gone but they were as different as the day is night.The most amazing thing I have to say about all this is this morning when I was sitting here missing him, Padraig walked by and said I miss him too Gran,neither of us had said anything else he just knew. That is family when they just know.


  1. God bless you Gran, and Happy Birthday Grampa Sean. I know he is smiling down at you, and still loving what he sees. May your heart find joy in the memories and love you shared together. You are right, family is from the heart.
    Connie ;O)

  2. I'm honored to know him through you Gran. If I may be so bold, I would like to propose a pint to your memories on this special day.